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Omar Alvarez Santana also known as MATUTE was born in Chile on April 6 1990, in the capital Santiago. After a life charged to sport and theatre Graduated in 2009 from the prestigious School of Theater La Mancha based on the method of Jacques Lecoq. In 2011 he moved to the circus of his family to start a career full of joys and learning. In 2014 he was discovered by Genis Matabosch and was invited to participate in the circus Festival of Figueres in Spain where he was awarded the clown prize "Totó". After this begins to rotate throughout Europe making known his internal world qualified as fresh and fresh, this is how he quickly earns the comment of his colleagues as one of the most outstanding clowns of the moment being selected by the Russian state company RosgosCirk among the 5 best clowns of 2015 and also awarded the Golden Star at the prestigious European Circus Festival of Liege in Belgium in 2016.

"Matute is one those who is moving forward, beyond tradition, without losing the roots of spontaneous play. Matute is more than a stereotype. He is neither a mask nor an actor doing "clown things." No. He is one expressed by the stupidity of being joyful in any situation. The opportunity to meet Matute is to participate in the birth of the smile."

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